2010 World Equestrian Games Schedule

Posted by Jennifer Karlen on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 at 3:06pm.

The 2010 World Equestrian Games schedule has now been published.  The WEG begins on September 25, 2010 and follows their traditional schedule with vaulting, followed by cross country and the jumping competition.  It deviates slightly after that as it moves into week 2 with the addition of Para-dressage & para-equestrian events as part of the event.  Also included in the second week is more jumping, as well as driving & reining through the end of the 2010 WEG on October 10, 2010.2010_weg_schedule_190

The roster of events is as follows:

Saturday, September 25:  Vaulting & Opening Ceremonies

Sunday, September 26:  Endurance & Vaulting

Monday, September 27:  Endurance, Dressage, Vaulting

Tuesday, September 28: Dressage, Vaulting

Wednesday, September 29:  Dressage

Thursday, September 30:  Eventing

Friday, October 1:  Eventing, Dressage

Saturday, October 2:  Eventing

Sunday, October 3:  Eventing

Monday, October 4:  Jumping

Tuesday, October 5:  Para Dressage, Reining, Jumping

Wednesday, October 6:  Para Dressage, Reining, Jumping

Thursday, October 7:  Driving, Para Dressage

Friday, October 8:  Para Dressage, Driving, Reining, Jumping

Saturday, October 9:  Para Dressage, Driving, Jumping

Sunday, October 10:  Para Dressage, Driving, Reining, Closing Ceremonies

No changes are expected to be made to the 2010 World Equestrian Games Schedule.  But if we hear of any changes, we’ll try to keep this information updated as it comes available for easy reference.  [And just a side note:  don't plan on me doing any horse property deals while the WEG is in town - I'm putting in for my vacation time now! :D]