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horse-breeding-incentives_280I’m sure everyone is aware of the Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentives Fund.  Well, as with everything - if theres money involved, there are usually persons looking to get more than their fair share.  Kentucky regulators are now investigating the Walking Horse persons that received monies from the Horse Breeders fund.  The director of the fund has requested that the Kentucky Walking Horse Association provide letters of certification that they did not knowingly distribute monies to those persons that were trying to cheat the system to receive more money than they would have normally be entitled to.

One method of a “training” shortcut for the Walking Horse breed is to sore the horses feet/ankles/legs with caustic substances so that it provides a more


equine-equity-act-tax-incentives-sought-for-racehorses_275Senator Mitch McConnell the representative from Kentucky, is currently seeking approval for the Equine Equity Act.  This proposal would provide tax incentives for racehorses.

The proposal is currently part of a much larger bill with The Farm Bill that was approved by the U.S. Senate last week.

This tax incentive for the Equine Equity Act would allow horse owners to depreciate their racehorses over a 3 year period, and also it would help them by reducing their capital gains from a 2 year period down to just 1 year.

As The Farm Bill has currently been proposed, President Bush has promised to veto either the House approved or Senate approved versions of the bill.

This tax incentive would certainly spur the ongoing vigorous effort that is being sought


The Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund was opened up to many non-racing breeds in early 2007. These incentives can be substantial for horses bred, foaled in KY and that perform well within their respective breed!

To give some background on the topic, the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) has been quite successful since its launch in 2004. In 2005, the Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund was introduced. In short, the Kentucky horse breeders incentives are funded through the sales taxes from stud fees.

The funds are then given back as monetary awards to Breeders based on their horses performance in their respective industry. As an example, for Thoroughbred horse owners - the money awarded is based on how well they performed on the track.


ky-horse-breeding-incentives_157The Lexington KY newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader published the most recent KY Horse Breeders Incentives Awards that have been released.

The fund generated $19,220,007 for 2007.  The amounts are being distributed as follows:

80% Thoroughbred breeders  (approximately $15.4 million)

13% Standardbred breeders (approximately $2.5 million)

7% Qualified other breeds (approximately $1.34 million)

$446,629 Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

$387,506 Kentucky Walking Horse Association

$165,178 Kentucky Mountain Horse

$146,381 Kentucky Saddlebred Owners & Breeders Association

$115,323 Kentucky Paint Horse Club

$61,570 Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association

$16,872 Kentucky Morgan Horse Association

$16,408 South Central Hackney