Big Brown to reside at 3 Chimneys Farm

Posted by Jennifer Karlen on Sunday, February 8th, 2009 at 9:39pm.

horse_farms_3_chimneys_298The winner of the 2008 Kentucky Derby, Big Brown, will be residing at a local Kentucky horse farm located in Midway KY called 3 Chimneys Farm.  That is certainly to draw some horse enthusiasts and spectators alike that want to get a closer look at the champion.

Three Chimneys Farm is no stranger to crowds though.  This Midway Kentucky veteran currently gets anywhere from 20 to 25 thousand visitors each year from various persons.  Tours to visit the horse farm are available several days each week - but by appointment only.  Tip:  Make reservations early.  Three Chimneys Farms can often be completely full for its tours for months.  If you would like to make reservations for a tour, you can call (859)-873-7053.

To give some background on the horse farm:  3 Chimneys Farm was formed in 1972 with approximately 100 acres that was acquired by Blythe & Robert Clay and was named for the honeymoon location that they stayed at in the Bahamas.  That initial land purchase has now ballooned to approximately 2,000 acres over six horse operations which includes several different areas of the horse industry such as a stallion area, 4 broodmare sections, and a yearling section.

Despite a disappointing finish in the Belmont Stakes, Big Brown is certainly going to go down as one of the most famous race horses in history.  And I’m glad he’s in our backyard of Kentucky. :)