Shelbyville Kentucky Horse Arena

Posted by Jennifer Karlen on Sunday, February 8th, 2009 at 9:37pm.

shelby-county-ky-horse-arena_298The proposed Shelbyville Kentucky horse arena located on Dover Road passed another hurdle for approval.  The local Shelbyville KY government entity Triple S Board of Adjustment & Appeals determined that there were 9 conditions to go with the conditional use permit for Rocky Fork Feeders to construct the arena.

The 9 conditions are:

1.  The facility will only be utilized by the Kentucky Cutting Horse Association & its affiliates.

2.  The horse arena will be used on weekends, and holidays only.  Hours are limited to 9 am through 9 pm each day.

3.  The proposed entrance to access the farm site must be relocated & approved by the Shelby County Road Department and comply with their requirements and specs.

4.  Any outdoor lighting at the facility must be in compliance with the Triple S Planning & Zoning Commission requirements.

5.  Sanitary sewers system must be approved the government agency that oversees those facilities.

6.  Landscaping will be installed and maintained around the horse arena, and the Recreational Vehicle & Trailer parking areas.

7.  Recreational Vehicle parking will be temporary.

8.  Events held at the facility will be submitted and approved on an annual basis.

9.  A proposed site plan for the real estate development would be submitted for approval by the board.

This opens the way for some new horse and equestrian events to be held within Shelby County.  Shelby County Kentucky is the Saddlebred horse capitol of the world.  Hopefully this will help further propel Shelby County KY as a popular area for other horse breeds and disciplines as well.


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