Kentucky Horse Farms Blog

Posted by Jennifer Karlen on Monday, November 10th, 2008 at 4:15pm.

Welcome to Kentucky horse farms blog!balloon_and_remax_238

We will be publishing whatever useful information that we feel would be of benefit for those farm owners, and horse enthusiasts within the equestrian community in Kentucky.

Everything from notable horse farm sales, to some of our random thoughts - you will be able to find it all here.

So sit back, let your hair down, and lets talk horses! :)

There are many equestrian communities in the Louisville Kentucky metropolitan area. A few of the most well known are as follows (click on each name to read more about them):

1. L'Esprit in La Grange

2. Equestrian Lakes in Finchville

3. Majestic Oaks in Simpsonville

In addition there are several subdivisions that provide a community stable that have the opportunity for self care boarding:

1. Cardinal Harbour in Prospect

2. Old Taylor Place in Goshen

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debbie wrote: I just read an article about many Quarter Horse Breeders have moved to Kentucky because of ALL the incentives this State gives.. My question is WHY endorse MORE Breeding?? Especially when it comes to AQHA who has 70% of their horses in the slaughter pipeline, it is so irresponsible... BUT to all the Breeds we need to cut back on the over Breeding and be held accountable....... Just really upsetting that this is so getting out of control for so many years it needs to stop and look at why we love horses and not just for the fame and money a horse can make.... Thanks for listening

Posted on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 10:33pm.